The Sleep Event 2017 Favourite Bits I – Fabrics and Wallcoverings

The Sleep Event is a 2-day hotel design and development event. Various suppliers present their Contract collections, something that is more durable, potentially on a tiny bit lower budget and most importantly – bolder designs!

It is funny that I was always thinking that I am not too much into fabrics and decor and I enjoyed structural part of design much more. I mean I still do, but when I saw all those cool bright and colourful fabrics and my imagination started to spin creating pictures in my head of how one and another fabric could be used, I suddenly changed my mind. I guess you cannot truly fall in love until you meet the right person, so in the same way, you cannot start liking fabrics until you see the special ones 🙂

My absolute favourite was Clarke & Clarke Animalia collection. Who knows me a bit or follows me on Instagram probably knows how much I love tigers, so naturally I was dragged towards the stand, featuring some wallcoverings with my favourite animal.  As designs are quite bold, I would use it mostly as a feature element within the interior. The fabric could be used to make decorative cushions or curtains. Wallcovering can make a room look special if fitted on a feature wall, or perhaps integrated within the wardrobe design.


The Style Library, containing six British brands: Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology, won the Best Stand Award. I really liked the modern luxurious look of the space, that was something in between art-deco and mid-century in their present-time interpretation.


I totally fell for Designers Guild Casablanca fabric, like on the chair below. It looks funky and reminds me an over pixelated picture.


Lelievre Paris had bright fabric on display as well. If tropical prints are slowly outdating than geometric patterns are overtaking the market. The Ceramic fabric, that has been used for stools upholstery, is a perfect fabric for the cushion that would suit almost any interior. I am obsessed with this pattern.


And another interesting brand I found was Big Impact. They do large scale printing on fabrics and textured printing on the wall panels. They can do any design you want, but the good thing about them is that they are using potato starch in their production that is more eco-friendly.


Stay tuned for the Part II.

xxx, Milena.

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