What are Eclectic and Quirky Interiors?

When I was trying to explain my favourite style of Interiors I used to use words such as Bold, Colourful and Theatrical. Thankfully there are words that explain it better and those are Quirky and Eclectic.

Eclectic Interiors are usually those that are created using different combinations of styles, trends and time periods. Basically, it could be anything and it does not necessarily need to be crazy but I like a bit of drama :). This is why the word Quirky comes handy. Quirky means odd and peculiar, and for me, this would usually be visible in interior decor.

Here are some examples of Eclectic Interiors.

Notting Hill Town House, London by Suzy Hoodless
West Village Town House, New York by Shawn Henderson
West Elm catalogue, featuring Sphere + Stem Ceiling Lamp
Studio Guilherme Torres, Sao Paolo

Quirkiness could be added with unique decorative objects, such as bold statement prints, lamps and other decor items.

House of Pati Robins, Audenza
Abigail Ahern lamps
Kitsch Kitchen


xxx Milena


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