The Magical Architecture of Oxford

So my Mum was visiting me in London for the 5th time now and I wanted to show her something extra, so I decided to take us to Oxford. I have been there once before with my university, but honestly, I have a total blank of what was happening. Very awkward, taking into consideration it was only a day trip ūüôā

Booking the train from London 2 months in advance only cost me £10 for a return ticket, which is great, as we all know how ridiculously expensive the rail ticket could be. I knew that Oxford was pretty, but being a big city girl I was still a bit suspicious if there would enough to see. But, how surprised I was, when it was almost time to leave, but we were still eager to see more. The town is amazingly pretty and you can walk, and walk, and walk for hours.

Oxford is known worldwide as the home of the¬†University of Oxford, the oldest university in the¬†English-speaking world. Buildings in Oxford demonstrate notable examples of every¬†English architectural¬†period since the late¬†Saxon¬†period. And of course, such a magical place to be for all the Harry Potter fans ūüėČ


We also got especially lucky with the dates, as the weekend of 9th and 10th of Septemeber was Open Doors Weekend and most of the historical buildings had free entry and free tours organised for the general public. Win Win :)!!!

Below is the beautiful Oxford Town hall.


I really loved Oxford, it completely changed my perception of small English towns and I would visit it again with a big pleasure.


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