Designer of the Week – Superfutures and AMA

I decided to create a new category in my blog called ‘Designer of the Week’, where every week I will be featuring a designer, a design studio or just a creative individual that I have recently discovered or known already and developed a great affection for their work.

This week my ‘Designer of the Week’ are Superfutures and Andy Martin Architecture studio. Why two? Superfutures is a sister company of a well-established AMA architectural practice but concentrates on the interiors side.

Last week during the final week of London Festival of Architecture those two (they are sharing the office space) hosted the craziest party I ever attended in the design industry. They had a live rock band performance and it was amazing! Same building also has Linda Farrow’s studio. I used to work on Mawi and Linda Farrow collaboration project while working as a design assistant at Mawi, how small is this world 🙂

Anyway, coming back to Superfutures and AMA…

Superfutures are mostly working on interior design and branding jobs for bars, restaurants and hotels. Here are some of my favourite Projects:

Patara, Hamstead (Superfutures)

I like the combination of materials in this staircase: grey marble with brass anti-slip trims, a vertical sophisticated brass partition on one side and a rough industrial concrete imitation balustrade on the other side.


It is not easy to find the perfect furniture for a restaurant, so let’s leave this aside and admire an interesting pairing of wall panelling in stone and blue upholstery with industrial chic wall lamps.


Ping Pong, Wembley (Superfutures)

I have actually been to a Ping Pong restaurant in Westfield Stratford and they have an exactly same design in there. I remember I was studying those clever window shutters at that time not even knowing that it was designed by Superfutures. I liked how they used same panels for the ceiling design as well.



And now let’s talk about the big brother Andy Martin Architecture, the studio that operates across commercial, retail and residential architectural sectors.

I love Fucina restaurant they designed, the pizza dough inspired ceiling is killing it. The concept of the space was to evoke and stimulate a visual memory of Italian taste, the forms are organic, the materials are raw and refined.


The other Project by AMA I was positively shocked by was the Perf House. They have done something absolutely insane with the flooring. In order to add more light to the dark and unwelcoming basement level, they have introduced a ground floor made up entirely of footpath paving lights, common on every London commercial street – repurposed here to allow natural light and activity to connect two levels together. Have you seen something like this before? Me, definitely not. I think this is a genius idea!


All photography was taken from Superfutures and AMA websites.

xxx Milena

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