Sony World Photography Awards 2017

A weekend ago I went to see a Sony World Photography Awards 2017 exhibition in Somerset House. It is a complete celebration of photography, that showcases the winning, shortlisted and commended images from the world’s leading photography competition.  There is a whole variety of different genres from Architecture, Daily life, Documentary, Landscape, Portraiture, Sports, Street Photography, Wildlife and many more… Exhibition is open until 7th of May, so you can still see it before it goes.

I divided works that I saw into 3 groups: 1. interesting conceptual photography, 2. great story 3. perfect prints for home decor, and I would like to share with you my favourites.

Interesting conceptual photography.
I quite liked Craig Easton’s work. He presented portraits of 16-year olds along with their handwritten descriptions of themselves. Those personal notes really helped to feel like you are getting to know those people on the photographs better.

Craig Easton United Kingdom
Professional, Portraiture (professional), Shortlist, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards

Description and more of his works could be found here.

Great Story.
Sandra Hoyn’s photographic story had the strongest impact on me. She documented life of women in The Kandapara brothel in the district of Tangail, Bangladesh.

The Longings of the Others
Sandra Hoyn, Germany
Professional, Daily Life, 1st Place, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards

The story and more of her works could be found here. This is really emotional.

Perfect prints for home decor.
In general there are so many wonderful photographs, that it is hard to choose just few. I will choose from those, that I saw at the show itself, as there are even more of them on their website.

For home decor it is better to choose whether something you have a really deep personal attachment to or completely something neutral. Architectural, nature or abstract prints always work the best.
Here are my favourites.

Tim Cornbill, United Kingdom
Open, Architecture, 1st Place, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards
Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzerland
National Awards, 1st Place, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards
Fabian Schmidt, Argentina
Open, Enhanced, Commended, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards

Some of the prints are available to purchase directly from the Sony World Photography Awards website.

xxx Milena

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