Picture Hanging that went Wrong

To start let me tell you a bit about myself and why picture hanging can go wrong in my case :).

I studied Interior Architecture and Design at university and as most of my classmates I was mostly interested in architecture itself and conceptual interior space remodelling. We were inspired by Sci-Fi movies shown to us by our teachers, as well as other creative interior architecture projects mostly for public use. The aim of our course was to teach us to think outside the box and to be extremely creative. Our university projects required more detailed information about forms and materials, rather than furnishing and décor. Therefore I was never actually driven by Interior Decorating and by moving houses in London countless amount of time, all my desire to decorate my own space slowly disappeared.

Cheers to those Fun Uni times 😉

However, now my job as a residential interior designer requires me to be an all-rounder and to be able to advise on decorating aspect of interior design too. Therefore I finally decided to practice decorating within my current dwelling too.

I have never hung any frames with artwork in my previous flats, as we all know that landlords do not allow making holes in the walls. But recently I came across some very useful little things. Command Brand supplies hanging strips that can be fitted on the wall and then removed without damaging it.

All excited I decided to find some art to hang. I visited Desenio, as I knew they had a lot of pretty and affordable prints and frames to choose from. I ordered two large prints 50x70cm and two frames. The order arrived in a week time and packed pretty well, or so I thought.


And here came the first little disappointment. The glass of the frames is rather a thick plastic than a glass and it was chipped in one corner of both frames. I honestly got quite upset, but then I wrote an email to Desenio and they replied straight away apologising and saying that they will send me new frames. Yeaj!

Meanwhile, having my prints ready to be hung I decided to arrange the wall space. First I tried to mark on the wall where the frames should go all by myself, but totally failed. If a frame that you have is quite large, better use some help, it will be so much quicker. So to hang a frame you will need a friend who will be holding it, while you are checking its position, a level to make sure it is straight and a pencil to mark corners of the frame, when happy with its position.


My frames were with keyholes, so I ordered this particular sticky nail from Command (2 per frame). I measured distance between side of the frame and the keyhole to know where to fit the nail and then followed the instruction on the back of the Command pack.


Now, talking about instructions, do not follow them carelessly as me. Instruction says to clean the wall with rubbing alcohol prior gluing the nails. So I did, and what do you think? This rubbing alcohol removed paint from the wall or rather made it darker:/

5What a fail! I guess I will need to repaint it before moving out, LOL.

Well, not ideal, but what I can I do right now? 🙂 I guess nothing, so lets continue.

As you could see the feature wall in my bedroom is painted purple (interesting choice for a rented apartment, but I do not mind) and bedside tables were chosen by me and my bf in red (as we love colours), so none of the Scandinavian style nature photography prints would not quite work in the space.


So I decided that brave interiors need something more extravagant and ordered colourful Tropical themed prints. First I saw Tiger in Paradise, absolutely fell in love, and decided to compliment it with a Paradise print. Frames were ordered in gold finish to add a bit of edgy glam. And vualá …


Now that my new frames are in gold, floor lamps are definitely not matching them. I have already ordered some spraying paint in bright gold and looking forward to my next mini DIY disaster 😀 Well, who does not try, never learns, but I hope you guys can learn a bit from my mistakes.

And lets pretend that nothing happened to the wall…


xxx Milena

2 thoughts on “Picture Hanging that went Wrong

  1. ahaha! So funny to read 🙂 We also have a “failed” story about trying to repair a bed..
    But totally love your decoration idea, looks great in this room and actually fits you! Tiger 🙂


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