So What? Another Blogger?


There are so many bloggers, vloggers, instagramers and other social media influencers out there that it might be really confusing for someone like me, who wants to start “my own thing”, to decide how to do it and where to do it.

People usually start their blogs and pages to share some valuable content, that might be interesting and useful for their potential readers. Well, or so it was supposed to be. As well as desire to share your thoughts and experiences, online presence can help you to become more recognised in the desired industry field. There is also a whole separate topic of how to earn money by being a blogger, but that takes a lot of time, dedication, knowledge and experience.

I have been writing about interior design industry for our company blog since 2013, but always felt that I would like to cover other topics too, sharing sometimes a different point of view, a different style suggestion and giving it a more personal approach. Every designer has its own vision and most of the time it is quite different from others, therefore all of us are dreaming to work for ourselves one day. I thought that to define myself as a Designer, I should create my own online space, where I will be able to express myself and share my own knowledge, experience and advise about the industry.

Every space, even if it is an online space, needs some leisure. At the same time as working a full-time interior designer in London, I am trying my very best to travel as much as possible. I think sometimes I am like those people who will save on designer clothes and bags to buy a plane ticket. My friends always ask me how do I travel so much (even though I think it is not that much) and what can I advise them. I guess my new online space can store this info too, as I often visit other blogs before the trip too to find some interesting and unique information, that you would not find in typical tourist guides.

This was my little intro and I am planning to start bombing you with some articles very soon.

xxx Milena

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